About & Review Policy

I am an academic librarian living in a small town. I have a Bachelor’s in English Literature and a Master’s in Library Science. I am blissfully married. Every year I read between 150 and 220 books. I read most genres and age ranges though I am not particularly enamored with adult mundane realistic fiction. My hobbies are reading, writing, hiking, spelunking, running, and spending time with my husband.

I started a blog for a few reasons. First, I love reading and everything that comes with it. Second, I’m currently working part time and needed something to fill up my brain and my schedule. And the most important reason is that I tend to love all books without delving too deeply into why or into why I shouldn’t love some books. This blog is my attempt to truly review books and get into why they are good or bad.


Why dragons?
Short answer: because they’re awesome.
Long answer: It started as a joke with my husband about how libraries are treasure troves of books and as the guardian of that treasure trove I am, in fact, not a book worm but a literary dragon. Also, I came across a blog (bloggy come lately) that used cats as a rating system and I thought that was awesome. She doesn’t use half cats because that’s animal cruelty, but I decided to use baby dragons which is only child labor and I promise they get the required amount of break time.

Explain the dragon rating system.
Short answer: *Roar*
Long answer: Five dragons: this is why I’m a book dragon.
One dragon or less: blegh! This book sucked in many ways because if it “just wasn’t for me” I probably wouldn’t rate it at all.
Other ratings are so subjective that I honestly don’t even want to pinpoint an explanation for each.

Do you review books you don’t like? Do you have affiliate links for books you don’t like?
Short answer: YES!
Long answer: Yes, I will NEVER tell you not to read a book. I’ve learned over the years that a book I will love may be hated by everyone else and the same is true of books I hate. I also believe that even books I hate have taught me something and for that reason I cannot tell someone unequivocally that they should not read it.
I also weirdly enjoy writing negative book reviews. I know that’s awful, but if I only write reviews for books I enjoy I would have to decide what the cutoff is (only if it’s below three dragons?). I think it’s beneficial for my writing, my readers, and authors out there in the wide world to know what drives their readers up the wall. And finally, I have some really great discussions about books I don’t like.

Review Policy

I am currently CLOSED to review requests, but if I am open it will be to the following:

-review requests. Who doesn’t love receiving a book then getting to talk about it incessantly?! Read below for more information about my review policy.

-author interviews: I prefer to interview authors I have already read or hope to read. But if I haven’t heard of the author yet that doesn’t mean I won’t be interested.

giveaways: for books I’ve read or plan to read. I do not have to have reviewed a book to be open to a giveaway.

blog tours: I absolutely must be interested in the book being promoted whether that means it is high on my TBR or that I’ve already read and enjoyed it.

guest blogging: I am intensely interested in guest blogging on other people’s blogs and I am equally interested in accepting guest bloggers. However, in both cases I want to be sure that we offer something relevant to each other’s blogs.

Accepted Formats

Print is my absolute favorite. I yearn for physical books. Hint, Hint. Also, I take pictures for my bookstagram and print books just look better in pictures.

Ebooks. The main positives for ebooks are that they are so portable and I can read books from everywhere pretty much instantly. Having said that I really don’t prefer ebooks, but I do accept them.

Audiobooks. Such an enjoyable way to pass the drive to work or when doing simple chores or going for a walk/run.

I accept self-published and small press works. HOWEVER, please do not request that I review your work if you are not willing to hear my honest opinion. I am not the reader who accepts poorly edited/ poorly written works so long as they are entertaining: I am reading your words so they better be good. If they are not what I consider good I will mention it in my review. I do post reviews for books I do not like so beware.


I live in Texas, USA at the moment. Sometime in the next year this will change, but I’ll give advanced warning.

How long will it take for me to review your book?

Currently, I can promise a two week turn-around. If it will take longer for whatever reason (I’m insanely busy, your book is 600+ pages, I’m suddenly struck blind, etc.) I will let you know.

Where will the review appear?

I will review your book on my blog, on Goodreads, and on NetGalley when possible. I will also have a link to the review posted on my Instagram. If you would like the review to appear somewhere else as well please include that in the request.

Genres/ Age Ranges I Read

Feel free to look at my reviews to see what kind of books I enjoy. I have eclectic tastes so here is a snapshot of the kinds of books I like to read.

YA, NA, and Adult

  • realistic
  • dystopian
  • science fiction
  • mystery
  • fantasy
  • literary fiction
  • poetry
  • erotica. I have never read this genre, but why not give it a try. If I try it and don’t like it I’ll update this page to reflect that.


  • memoirs
  • biographies
  • science {though keep in mind if you are the next Stephen Hawking I am a bit science illiterate}
  • creative nonfiction
  • history (World Wars are of especial interest)
  • religious nonfiction (not about a religious/ spiritual journey per se, more like history of religion) I’m picky about these.
  • philosophy (like Ayn Rand and Paulo Coelho, not like Descartes)
  • true crime

Children’s books

  • Pretty much everything. If in doubt, just ask.

Genres I don’t read


  • law books
  • didactic. I’m old enough to know what I “should” and “shouldn’t” do.
  • religious texts/ scripture (I find the idea of reviewing basically an entire religion to be weird ground I don’t wish to tread upon)

What should be included in a review request?

  • What is the story about? Get me interested in this story.
  • What timeline are we working with? This may affect whether or not I’m willing/ able to take on the project.
  • What is the release date?

Where should I contact you with my review request?

literarydragonreviews (at) gmail (dot) com
At the moment, I am able to send an acceptance or veto email for each request submitted.

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