2020 Resolutions

I think people get the wrong impression about New Years Resolutions. Resolutions do not have to be absolute: you can choose to stop or start at any time. It’s okay to change them at any point (just make sure you’re not changing them because you’re feeling a bit lazy lol). And most importantly, you have to make sure it’s something that matters to you. If I don’t care about my body weight, then a resolution to lose twenty pounds is going to disappear faster than the scale being tossed out a window. Resolutions are meant to make us happier both in the moment and in the future. Read on to see a list of my resolutions for the year.

Eat Healthier

I’m going about 90% vegetarian where I currently live because some of my meals are fixed by other people, but when I move, I’ll most likely be entirely vegetarian. I’m adopting healthier methods of eating such as pausing between bites, drinking water before and during meals, and only eating in the kitchen.

Volunteer 50 hours

I’ve had this goal for some of my past years and I’ve always gotten pretty close. Especially in college, I found that finding foundations and organizations that needed assistance was very easy. I’ve had a few moves since then and opportunities to volunteer haven’t been falling into my lap quite as easily so it’s my goal this year to go in search of those opportunities.

Lose 40 pounds of my total of 60

I lost 36 pounds in four months in China and have slowly gained about half of it back in a year plus in America. This is partly due to the fact that I decided losing weight in America was a dead-end for me. However, I let that mentality get the best of me. My goal is to lower the number on the scale as well as lose inches off my body. I don’t have inch goals because I have no idea what I would like to look like in exact measurements, and I don’t want to get too hung up on details.

Put $1000 in retirement savings

Despite having a Master’s Degree and a job in my career field (Part-time) I don’t have any retirement savings and my regular savings are generally used on plane tickets and moving expenses. I need to set up a retirement account and start feeding a little something in at least.

Write a book

Thanks to NaNoWriMo I’m about a quarter of the way there. I’ve written books before, but only one feels like it’s any good. I will also be spending time polishing that one up and sending it out to agents. However, this new one is one that I have planned better right from the very beginning. I believe in this one more and I am making a demand on myself to finish it.

Fluent (ish) in German

I’m comfortable in Spanish to some degree. I used to be comfortable in American Sign Language and I will be picking that one up again because it has proven very useful and enjoyable throughout the years. But I want to dive into a language I know absolutely nothing about. I am using Duolingo at the moment to get used to the accents and basing writing structure, but my husband and I will be starting Rosetta Stone in just a few days.

Bookish Resolutions

Book Riot Read Harder Challenge

This Challenge exemplifies what I was talking about in my Advocating for Reading Less post. It’s okay to set goals for reading, but I prefer to try to make them meaningful. I don’t want to just read 100 books, I want them to matter to me in some way. I’m always reminded of how novels used to be considered trash and of absolutely no edifying use then we’ve slowly changed our thinking and how much the average person reads until we’re glad if kids read a cereal box. I love literature in all of its many forms, but I refuse to allow myself to read only what is easy.

Current goal of 30 books

This goal is mostly because it’s easier to keep track of my read books if I set a challenge on GoodReads. I may not read 30, it could be lower or higher, but I find the visual reminder of 30 to be helpful. Telling myself I don’t have to read 100 or 200 books helps me choose books I enjoy.  

1/3 of my books read will be nonfiction

I intend to stick to this goal pretty strictly. I have so many nonfiction books I want to read, but I let myself get distracted by pretty novels when I truly want to read more nonfiction. I have specific topics lined up that I want to learn more about, and I have books on these subjects that will help me. I have goals that I can only accomplish by doing a certain amount of research (vegetarian, minimalist, zero waste, etc) and I find I’m better at research when I use a book as a catalyst.

I know I may not meet all of these goals, but there is something to be said for trying and for making it part of the way because it’s still farther than I would have come otherwise.

These are my major goals for 2020. Let me know yours in the comments below.

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