I failed!…And I’m okay with it

The New Year is a lovely time when I look back at my life for the past 365 (give or take a week or two) days. I enjoy resolutions immensely. Something about making demands for yourself to ensure you keep growing is pretty awesome in my book. At the end of the year, I take stock on how well I did either in completing my goals or in deciding why I didn’t want to complete them anymore. I have a list of goals I didn’t make this year and, overall, I’m accepting of my “failure.”

I don’t even have the complete list of the resolutions I made at the start of 2019. I’ll write up a list of the ones I remember and how they went this year.

Read 150 books

Managed 140, but as I mention in my Advocating for Reading Less post I am totally cool with not meeting this goal.

Read 50 nonfiction books

I learned so much from the 44 nonfiction books I read that I don’t feel bad about not getting those other six this year.

Read three to four books each month on a specific topic

I failed at this mainly because I hadn’t decided to get rid of unnecessary books and still felt burdened by their presence. I felt I couldn’t look elsewhere to find books and when I couldn’t find a suitable book in any of the local libraries, I gave up rather than pay for an inexpensive book because I didn’t want to bring in any more books I might ignore. I will most likely make a similar challenge this year, but it will probably be by two-month increments so I have more time to find books and more information on each topic.

Weigh 135 pounds

My blue-ribbon loss this year is that I didn’t lose weight (I even gained a bit back from my prior loss). However, I have learned more about eating healthy and about taking care of my body both in the gym and in the kitchen. I think I’m on a much better track this year than I have been in almost a decade regarding health and healthy weight loss.

Do three things that terrify me

I did quite well in this regard. I challenged myself to talk to strangers, admit I was wrong, have conversations with people who disagreed with me rather than just ignore or hate them. I drove to Mexico and spent a week relaxing with my husband. I had thyroid surgery.

Have $5000 in savings

Yeah, did I mention I had thyroid surgery? I didn’t do too bad with this, but I definitely could have done better. I found a budget system that works for me. I use everydollar.com to handle my budget and have gotten better at using it each month, enough so that I can say 2020 will be a very successful year with the budgeting and the savings.

Six posts a month for the blog

Yeah, I almost made that and if you go by averages then I totally met this goal. Otherwise, I only missed a month (not counting March as that was the first month I had the blog). I also decided to stop relying so much on the numbers of it. I want each post to matter because it shares something with my audience, not because it adds another notch to my belt.

I had way more goals. An almost excessive amount. Many of them I didn’t meet, others I met at least halfway. I’ve changed a lot this year, I’ve grown in some areas and regressed in others, but I would like to say overall it has been a positive change. In 2020 I will have some overarching goals for the year, but many of my goals will be micro-resolutions. If you’re unfamiliar with this term the idea is to choose a resolution you can stick to for thirty days and choose twelve such resolutions. This allows you to relax certain willpower muscles and flex others which makes it much more likely that you will make it through your resolutions.

I’ll be making a post with my 2020 resolutions/micro resolutions soon.

How do you feel about resolutions and micro resolutions? Are there any you’ve been excited to try? Let me know in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “I failed!…And I’m okay with it

    1. Exactly! I definitely feel like I learned a lot this year, about myself and about the world, and I think that’s the point. 🙂
      thanks for the comment

  1. Like with your Reading Less post, I love your stance about setting goals and accepting that you can’t necessarily meet all of them. At least you tried, and at least you got something out of your attempts. Also, it was brave of you to do three things so out of your confort zone. I’m afraid of confrontation and don’t fare well with saying (or doing) the right thing at the right moment – life would be so much simpler if I could freeze time for a minute and ponder about what I should or shouldn’t say! I don’t fare well with resolutions either. I can’t seem to be able to flex those willpower muscles 😟.

    1. Willpower muscles are a pain in the butt lol I think to a certain extent I’ve also learned what kind of resolutions I can actually stick to simply through years of failing. I learned that anything I had to watch too closely (calories, ounces of water, minutes of exercise, number of pushups) quickly got “forgotten” because it felt like an unnecessary effort. Now, I choose things that can be measured in yes or no. Did I meditate today? Yes. Did I go to the gym? Yes. Because I found that for me it was the starting that was hard. Once I started I would do a reasonable amount of that action (exercise, meditation, reading, etc.) It’s setting the goal and at least moving closer to it than before that matters. But if you don’t set resolutions that’s okay, too. 🙂
      The three things that terrify me goal came because every year my husband takes an “oath of valor” for which he must tackle one thing he is afraid of. With my husband it’s a struggle to find something he’s afraid of, for me it was a struggle to stick to just three per year (:

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