Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson

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I listened to this audiobook on a whim. One of the libraries I patronize had a digital display for books that were memoirs as a celebration of all that people are.

I noticed this one with its bright yellow background and ecstatic raccoon and just had to know what it was about. Even after reading it I have a hard time explaining what it is “about.” I mean, it’s Jenny Lawson and all of the wonderfully insane things she does, but it’s also about depression and fighting against it. It’s about being more than you were yesterday even if today you don’t have enough spoons. Read the book to learn what that means 🙂

But this isn’t your average self-help for depressed people book: it’s fucking hilarious. I can’t get over how funny this book was. Especially as read by the author. She really gives it something extra with her vehemence and energy. Lawson is so irreverent and so open about her struggles and her triumphs even if the rest of us are going “how is buying a third of a giraffe a triumph?”

She perseveres through the weird until she’s just awesomely weird. It will definitely make you feel better about yourself, I think. As long as your agree to live furiously happy you can look up to her strange skills and believe that you are awesome too.

I like that she talks about how some people blamed her for having a mental disorder on the fact that she’s not Christian. After writing a book like her first one she came across the usual people who told her she just wasn’t trying hard enough, or wasn’t eating the right food, or believing the right thing. Hence people heckling her for not being Christian enough to not have a mental disorder. Yeah, that’s what Jesus wanted, folks.

She will delight you in a million ways. And this one book was enough for me to become an avid Lawsonite.

She also made a friggin’ coloring book that she made the pictures for! Now who’s furiously happy? Me, ya’ll. It also helps that she is from Texas which certainly adds a layer of funny to all her stories. I live in Texas right now and I can attest to some of her horror stories.

One odd thing it that It’s hard to tell if her husband likes her. I know he loves her, but sometimes the reader is left to wonder about his enjoyment of his life partner, but they’ve also been married for like twenty years so they must be doing something right. Or they’re just really good at avoiding each other. Hard to tell.

Also, Lawson knows Neil Gaiman and Brene Brown which is uber cool. I totally thought she was making it up, because that seems like exactly the kind of thing she would make up, but she didn’t say it was a fib so I believe her. The lady lives life loud so why not know epic writers that we all jealously love. Because that’s what furiously happy people do, right?

If you want to learn about being furiously happy or just want to laugh for a solid two hours, then look really crazy as you try to explain to your friends why you’re guffawing in public read this book. Or possibly her blog. Or her other book Let’s Pretend This Never Happened which I will be reviewing soon. Ish.

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