The Last Hero by Terry Pratchett and Illustrated by Paul Kidby

three and a half dragons

The main word that comes to mind for this book is “cute.” It’s an adorable idea about what happens to heroes if they aren’t killed in spectacular glory when they’re young. Apparently the answer is that they go looking for adventure and not the old people kind.

I didn’t like the format, because the lines were really long which made it hard to read. I started holding the book a foot away from my face and it sped up the reading considerably, but it was still uncomfortable.

The characters are delightfully funny and kept me entertained when some of the plot wasn’t pulling me in as it should have. I personally found the wizard side more entertaining than the hero side. This is also the first in the series that I’ve read. I don’t think I’ll be reading more of the series partly because I think I can get as much out of them by reading only the funny paragraphs as I can by reading all three hundred pages. Also, with this book my husband read it first and delighted in telling me all the best parts. Because I agree with him about what all of the best parts are I pretty much read this book before I read it.

In my opinion, Dodger is the best and funniest Terry Pratchett book I’ve ever read. I don’t like Pratchett as much as I once did. I find that he’s a little too dry for my taste. All the same this one was funny with little puns and allusions that I enjoyed. And the drawings add some hilarity as well.

I don’t know if I would consider this a cliffhanger ending so much as an ambiguous one. Did they die? Who can say for sure?

I would definitely recommend this for readers with a dry sense of humor who like jokes that build over the course of a couple of pages.

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