A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

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I will admit this book could have easily been two hundred pages shorter. I think that’s true of every book in this series. ACOTAR is a great series that I tore through, but it is predominantly about Feyre’s relationships and less about the war. I mean it could have been a single book if we took out the huge swaths of character development. Thankfully, I enjoy character development so this didn’t bug me too much when I was reading it. However, after finishing the series I can look back and say “d*mn that was a lot of day by day details on Feyre’s emotions.” Yet at the same time that’s what this book was meant to be about. It’s meant to be Feyre’s healing and reawakening after the events of Under the Mountain.

I’m “glad” that Feyre has PTSD. I mean too many books completely glaze over the emotional ramifications of a person’s actions. The Hunger Games is one of the few that goes into detail about how killing people, and running from people trying to kill them, affected Katniss and Peeta and how they bonded through their struggle to overcome their memories and fears. This same bonding takes place between Feyre and Rhysand (whose nickname I can’t pronounce. Is it “Ris”? Is it “Rice”?). They heal together and only when their healed can they begin to come together.

Maas has some of the best relationships. She always ensures that there is no cheating. Even when they find the one person that seems irresistible they wait until they’ve had a chance to end things before they make a move. Another hugely important thing Maas does is to ensure that they are friends first. Rhysand and Feyre were certainly attracted to each other, but Feyre was uninterested until she knew she could trust him and they had become friends. As a person who married her best friend I wholeheartedly vouch for this method.

Wowzers there are some spicy sex scenes. So long as the relationship is good I enjoy sex scenes with zero shame. These are some amazing sex scenes and teasing “sex” scenes. Trust me, they are super sexy. The owner of the bookstore I work in asked if I had read these books and when I said yes she mentioned that she had been told these books were better suited for an adult fantasy section than the YA fantasy section and I was just like “Um yes definitely. I’ve been married for half a decade and I’m not embarrassed by sex or sexy books and these scenes made me blush… also I recommend these books.” Lol.

The real plot points happen in the last third of this book. This is where all the intrigue has led us and boy it doesn’t disappoint. My goodness I was emotional and hyperventilating during those final scenes. Then when everything flipped on its head I was pretty much floored. I love and hate Nesta, but oh woman she’s amazing! And Elain! Oh gods. Honestly I love all of the “side” characters as much as the main ones. I especially want Azriel to have a happy ending. I want as much happiness for him as for Feyre.

This series is entertaining to analyze because it has a different flow than expected. In many series you can see how each one contributes to the storyline equally, more or less. However, with this series the first book almost seems disconnected from the other two. Even the cover concept makes this clear with the blue and green going together and the red distinctly different.

And I just saw that there are three more books slated for release in the coming years. Hmm, I suppose I’ll get the closure I’m looking for. I hope/ demand.

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