Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan

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I’ve always enjoyed Levithan’s writing and stories and Boy Meets Boy wasn’t an exception, but it did feel overly simplistic and cute. The cover is perfect with its little candy hearts. You should know going in that this is surrealist fiction where the town Paul lives in is an LGBTQ+ utopia but the town beside his is average LGBTQ+phobic. It’s also surrealist in that the high school is unbelievably well-funded and I do mean unbelievably. I mean, the cheerleaders ride in on Harleys. That’s just stupidly unbelievable.  However, this isn’t a story with suspense it’s more about hope and the reminder that the world can be better one day. No it won’t be quite this magical, but it could be this sweet. If you go in accepting that this book is unrealistic but benevolent you can enjoy it immensely.

The characters are all really likable. Like John Green’s characters they are all way cooler than real people. More something. As the mad hatter would say they are much more muchier. Tony is the most realistic character because he doesn’t live in the utopian bubble everyone else does. His parents are Christians who don’t accept anything LGBTQ+ and he’s gay so they do a lot of praying for his soul and making him feel unloved and unwanted. Yet he is able to grow and choose his own path despite his awful parents.

The things Paul does are so sweet and thoughtful. I was emotionally invested even though I was rooting against him. **Spoiler alert** Paul straight up cheated on Noah. I know he was just “bonding” with Kyle to make him feel better, but a hug can do that. Don’t put your lips on someone unless you mean it. Honestly, Noah is too good to be cheated on again especially right after he told Paul that he had been destroyed by someone’s cheating before. **End of spoilers**

I like that some of Levithan’s titles are simple and make it clear that the book is LGBTQ+ positive rather than hetero or heteronormative. No one can pick up Boy Meets Boy and say they didn’t realize it was going to be a love story between two guys. Same with Two Boys Kissing.

I would personally recommend Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda over Boy Meets Boy, but that’s just because of my personal reading tastes and there’s nothing that says I can’t recommend both.

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