Cinder Readalong Chapters 31 through 38

three and a half dragons

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**Spoilers for Cinder Chapters 31-38 ahead**

Pearl is such a bitch. How dare she throw those gloves on the ground just because she’s a jealous wench. It probably would have been better revenge to just take them for herself.

Is the prince going to agree to marry Levana? Gods that would suck. I think he realizes that it is the worst possible thing he could do for his country and the world. At least if she wages war everyone is prepared to fight her but if he marries her then people might become complacent and she has a chance to trick everyone first. I vote no marriage for obvious reasons.

The direct comm comes up again in a super important way. I’m assuming this is the first sighting of Tress aka Rapunzel. She seems terrified but determined and I love how these stories are tying together.

Woah. Levana plans to take on Earth. That’s a big deal lady. No wonder she wants China first, all those people wiped out before they can even begin to rebel.

Cinder’s grease stained dress is cute. It’s obvious that Meyer was like she has to be in that dress at the dance even if it’s a little bit ridiculous with everything at stake. The world is at stake and I need to get there now, but wardrobe change first even though it’s not like the dress itself made it any easier for her to get into the ball. But it does make it more likely that the prince will dance with her so whatevs. 

Oof that car wreck hurt my soul. She can’t escape now. And that scene where she’s announced was so cringey.

Adri is a bitch, but at least the new Emperor sees through her bullshit.

Oh no he doesn’t know she’s a cyborg. I figured that wouldn’t come out just yet, but she was so hopeful.

Wow, Cinder a kiss is one way to get everyone’s attention. And one way to get yourself revealed as a Lunar.

No marriage! Yay! I’m so glad Emperor Kai isn’t an ass hat. But Levana counters with a friggin’ gun to Cinder’s head and only Cinder’s cyborg parts stop her from killing herself.

As soon as I learned Cinder had a fake foot I knew it would be what she left behind. It’s also a cute throwback to the Grimm version of the story. In that version the stepsisters are both evil and cut off parts of their feet to try to fit into the shoe to trick the prince into marrying them.

“You’re even more painful to look at than she is.” Ouch that hit me hard until I realized he probably meant her power/ glamour not her literally being painful to look at. Especially with what Dr. Erland says about her glamour needing control. We’ll see.

Jail time, that’s rough especially since it’s always bright. I mean that should be against some sort of convention rules as a cruel punishment. At least Kai tried to give her time.

New parts are actually a super sweet gift especially with help escaping, but the description of her many tools reminds me of Inspector Gadget lol. Go go gadget get me the hell out of jail.

Princess Selene! Saw it coming, but that’s kind of the point of this kind of book. It’s like wish fulfillment.

And it’s escape time with a powerful line to remember it by: “but they would be looking for a ghost.” I’m excited for Cinder to gain strength. It’s not that she’s weak so much as downtrodden.

**End of spoilers**

I think the reason I didn’t enjoy this as much as I normally would have is because I was reading it in small chunks and over the course of a month. I read books much more quickly than that and I don’t usually write down every detail of my feelings for the book through each section. I think the next time I do a readalong I’ll probably do it in two weeks instead of four. I’ll still break it into four blog posts so that people can read each section, but I’ll put up those posts twice a week for a faster read and people still have the opportunity to read slower and only read the post when they’re ready.

I don’t think this series is the best written, but it’s definitely not bad and it’s very entertaining. I found the twists to be exciting and the plot to be fun to read. The characters are lovable and despicable depending on their obvious categories of good or evil.

Overall, I’ll be reading the next books, just at a faster pace. I’m grateful to everyone who joined me on my first readalong.

Thanks for reading and let me know your feelings towards Cinder.

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