Freeglader: The Edge Chronicles Rook Trilogy #3 by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

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It’s going to be a little odd to review Freeglader because I’ve read all the others in the series up to this point, but I read them before I reviewed.

It’s interesting that these are marketed toward kids simply because there is technically a lot of violence and death. However, it’s not explained in detail or in a particularly gory manner. People die terrible deaths but it’s very vague and matter of fact. I don’t believe in censorship, but some parents may want to just give a quick read through of some of the fighting scenes at least so they can talk about it with their child, but it’s certainly no worse than most PG or PG 13 movies I’ve seen.

**Spoiler alert** The glade eaters are super terrifying and kind of cool. I mean I obviously hate them but at the same time I’m fascinated. I think whoever decided to have the drivers on the outside of the tank is a moron and clearly a terrible strategist. **end of spoiler**

The reckoning was such an amazing addition. A person’s life hangs in the balance of how other’s feel about him. That has to be nerve-wracking and it definitely makes me wonder about how I would stack up against the memories of my peers. Have I been kind enough?

The battle scenes were well-described which is never easy and I was sweating during certain scenes. I always find middle grade/children’s novels hard to review partly because I’m not the target audience, but also because they’re incredibly wordy for very little action (416 pages for this one), but the Edge Chronicles have always been pretty action-packed. Also the pictures help, because it’s like a little illustrated recap of what happened and who did what. I know some reviewers didn’t like this one as much because it does do quite a bit of flashback, but in my case that was fine because it helped bring me back into the story arc.

If you’ve never read an Edge Chronicle book take a look at the illustration below. I love Chris Riddell’s illustrating style.

rook's face illustration

Definitely an epic conclusion to the trilogy. In my mind this was one of the best books of the whole trilogy because of how drastically everything changes in it. There were other books in the series that I enjoyed more, specifically The Twig Trilogy.

I would recommend Freeglader and this series as a whole to both children and adults alike. Its whimsical characters and magical creatures pair magnificently with the stories being told.

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