Cinder Chapters 11-20 Readalong


I like Cinder’s sense of humor. “I don’t actually remember anything from before the surgery” “The cybernetic operation?” “No, the sex change.” Lolz. Kai has a similar sense of humor as he offers his dying father a sex droid. Though that does answer the question of whether or not there are sex droids. *shudder* What if it malfunctions during the deed? What if it’s grip suddenly tightens or it electrocutes you?

The emperor at least seems truly loved and his eventual death will actually sadden his people rather than a fake sort of sadness. And Sybil is scary with her mind control and barely concealed glee at the emperor’s sickness.

The orange light that shows when someone is lying is so cool, but it also makes me wonder how difficult it would be for it to be accurate. Lie detectors sometimes detect emotion rather than lying so I wonder if Cinder’s detector is as equally high-tech as the rest of her.

Woah! What did Erland do to her to make her crumple like that? Can he control her? Does this mean he’s evil? And why is he lying to Kai about it all? Questions, questions.

When Cinder goes to leave the palace, she doesn’t want to get lost so she downloads a map of the palaces research wing. Wouldn’t that be hidden information? At least top secret? The average person shouldn’t be able to get the layout of the palace from the internet, but that’s just my opinion. I suppose Americans know what the interior of the White House looks like overall. Her blueprint probably doesn’t supply hidden chambers and whatnot.

I’m glad Cinder knows Adri isn’t worth fighting for. Too many YA books have characters who are willing to fight and die for families that have never cared for them. It’s good to see a YA character that is willing to accept that some people do not love us back and there is a time to give up and walk away.

The Emperor is dead! Oh crap. This is when Luna becomes a real problem. It’s such a bitter moment when the emperor dies because they were so close to getting the cure. I mean yes sometimes it takes years to create a viable cure even with someone who has immunity, but it’s a book so I can assume the cure was right around the corner.

Why are the droids taking the chips? They aren’t keeping them separate either so it can’t be for more testing. Are the med-droids government-sanctioned or just extra med-droids? If they’re government-sanctioned then the removal of the chips must be as well. If the chips are sold illegally then it’s odd that med-droids would be the ones taking them.

The prince asked her to the ball! Aww how cute, and she had to say no, how sad and awkward for him. It’s also a little awkward to see your dead father then immediately ask a girl to a dance, but he’s right it is self-preservation against the Luna Queen.  

Cinder is Lunar. Saw that coming, but she totally didn’t. She’s having a serious moment abut being Lunar and a cyborg. I suppose there is a ton of prejudice in her world against both.

Queen Levana is creepy as hell. The mind control, the glamour, the veiled face. It’s all so monster in disguise as a beautiful woman creepy. I worry that Kai isn’t as strong as he needs to be. That first time of mind control was just a test to see his mental strength and now she knows and can use it against him. Kai, you need to be stronger.

The post for Cinder chapters 21-30 will be posted September 22nd.

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