Cinder Readalong Chapters 1-10

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I like the quotes in Cinder from Grimm’s version of Cinderella at the beginning of each book. Nice touch.

I want a better description of Iko. It said “white” but I’m assuming it doesn’t mean Caucasian and I can tell Iko is fairly short since when she hugs Cinder she usually does so around her legs rather than torso, but I would like a little more solid information.

It’s cool learning about how much of Cinder is a machine, especially since I initially assumed she was entirely a machine. The fact that her brain has a net connection is helpful and creepy. It’s like having google inside your head which could be an awful thing if you couldn’t turn it off.

Cinder meeting Kai is such a funny scene. Her hobbling around on one foot hoping he doesn’t notice while he’s making jokes about national security over the body of a robot that may or may not actually hold national secrets.

The scene where Sacha caught the plague had me sweating. Letumosis is terrifyingly called the plague and the way crowds of people sprint away at the mere possibility of it is definitely attention getting. How did Sacha get it, though? I mean if it’s super contagious then someone had to have it to give it to her and could have given it half the people in the crowd. How can everyone just run away and not be quarantined?

On page 21 (in my copy at least) Cinder says, “With her face shimmering with too much powder and her lips painted horrifically bright, Adri almost looked like a reproduction herself.” I can’t tell if Adri is meant to be wearing Chinese traditional makeup or not. If she is then I’m not crazy about this description because it comes across like Meyer is making fun of a Chinese tradition when the story is literally set in Beijing.

Android draft. Ooh I sense foreshadowing. Will Cinder be drafted? Will she stop the draft? How will this come into play? I’m really glad Meyer wrote in the android draft because it brings home to the reader just how much androids are viewed as second-class citizens or as less than human.

Super glad Cinder is pointing out the age thing regarding marriage. Kai is eighteen and marriage should be on the distant horizon even as king. A very useful adaptation for todays YA.

Lunars can control your mind. Woah, that’s totally setting the tone for the next books, I’m assuming.  You can have mind controlling moon people and not have it matter.

Peony!!! I knew she would get the friggin’ plague, but I hoped I was wrong. Did Cinder give her the plague because she was too impatient to get home?! Cinder’s going to feel so guilty.

How could Adri just donate Cinder to the cause like used clothes?

Do Fateen’s words to Dr. Erland make him seem like a pedophile to anyone else? He always picks “young girls” and sends back older guys. Hmmm. He creeps me out.

Cinder is immune. Interesting… *said in suspicious voice*

Erland just mind controlled Cinder, granted she was going to attack him, but still it’s creepy! So Dr. Erland’s a Lunar. I wonder what craziness this will cause.

In closing, SAVE PEONY!

The post for the readalong of chapters 11-20 of Cinder will be up September 15th.

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