Update: Cinder by Marissa Meyer wins!

Here’s the breakdown for what chapters I’ll be reading and when you can expect a post on those chapters.

  • Chapter one to ten: September 8th
  • Chapter eleven to twenty: September 15th
  • Chapter twenty-one to thirty: September 22nd
  • Chapter thirty-one to thirty-eight: September 29th

This month, September, I’m going to have a readalong here on the blog. If you’re not familiar with what a readalong is allow me to attempt to explain.

It’s basically a booklover’s dream where I read a book in chunks and blog about my feelings for each chunk while hoping to get my readers to read the same book in the same chunks so that we can act like crazy people at the same time.

I’m very excited for my first readalong and I hope all of you are too.

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