My Promises to You for September

August has been a busy month. A graduation, a wedding, two jobs with a massive renovation in one. And a change in jobs. I have been hired at the local bookstore where I have been a patron for years. I put in my two weeks notice at Wal Mart, but was too excited to wait to begin at the bookstore so I have some overlap. I will have three part time jobs for roughly two weeks. My husband is also working exceptionally hard at his two jobs and will be transitioning to full time in one and finishing up his last two weeks at the other at the end of this week.

All this is just to explain why I haven’t had nearly as many posts as I would like lately and to say that September is going to be amazing.

I will be working around 35 hours a week total which will allow me much more time to focus on this blog.

My promises to you for September

  • at least 8 posts= above and beyond
  • fully functional list of reviews= completed as promised, now titled “review archives”
  • a reading challenge= can be found here
  • FAQ section= can be found here
  • Readalong= Info can be foundĀ  here or on the reading challenge page

I would love to hear your suggestions or comments about the blog, about the reviews, any additions needed, anything you like or don’t like.


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