Gratitude and Apologies

I would like to thank all of my readers so far. You are the best and I’m so glad you take the time to read my reviews on my blog. Knowing there are people who care if I keep posting is what keeps me going. If you like this blog let me know. If you hate this blog let me know, but gently. If you have suggestions about anything (books to review, pages to add, things to include in reviews, etc.) let me know. You can use the comments section or the contact form on my contact page.

I also want to apologize. I took a bit of a break without warning you. That’s because it wasn’t an intentional break. I was so busy and so tired. I got a new boss at both my jobs in the same week and ended up in the emergency room (an ocular migraine, but it was my first one). After that I took a vacation to Mexico that I desperately needed. I promise that if I’m not able to post at least one review a week in the future I will at least post a quick acknowledgement of my absence. On the positive side I should be working less now. Thank you for your understanding.

Stay fiery my dragons.

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