Busy Busy Busy Bipolar

So let me start with the fact that I started a second job last week. I now work 60 hours a week and it’s tough, especially starting out. As soon as I started my brain said “Oh you can handle the 60 hours a week so you can also handle exercise, dieting, time with your husband, the budget, your new blog, archery, drawing, family crises, your period, and NEVER being alone for a second.” I accepted this for about two days before I locked myself in my room for an hour of silence and reminded myself that this is a lot for anyone to handle.

Then my brain reminded me of a quote by Carrie Fisher “if you’re living with [Bipolar Disorder] and functioning at all, it’s something to be proud of, not ashamed of.”

A year ago I didn’t spend more than ten hours a day out of my bed. I didn’t have a job. I didn’t have self respect. I was drowning in despair. But today, I am handling many of the things listed above right now, but it’s okay if some of them slip out of my grasp. I have to choose what matters most. That is my husband, myself, work, the budget, and, at least once a week, this blog.

So if I’m not posting as much as I should on here then please forgive me. I’m trying.

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