The Ghost Hunter’s Daughter by Caroline Flarity

three dragons and a baby dragon aka three and a half dragons
three and a half out of five dragons

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I enjoyed The Ghost Hunter’s Daughter, but I don’t know that I can say I enjoyed it immensely. If you’ve read my reviews in the past then you may realize I am much more pulled in by prose and witty characters than by plot line alone. Plot gets me to read the book writing gets me to rate the book highly. And while the writing was definitely good it was not descriptive in the ways I most enjoy nor were the characters, Anna, Freddy, Doreen, Geneva, and Jack, particularly witty or encompassing. However, that just means I’m picky because this was a good story that I read quickly on my work breaks and never got bored doing it.

There were times when it felt like Jack’s Crap (his hoard of random stuff that has spread like a disease throughout the house and outside) was a character in itself. The number of times it got in Anna’s way either by falling on her, tripping her, or simply lingering in her way and smelling bad really made me feel like I was surrounded by this crap. So kudos to Flarity for that skill.

Most of the scenes with a demon were horrifying though the end action scene felt a little dry on fear. I felt thrilled and worried and was completely drawn in by the action, but I was not afraid. Every other scene with a demon was spine-chilling and made me glad I wasn’t reading in the dark.

I’m not sure if Anna called her dad Jack or dad. I’m pretty sure she said “dad” out loud, but in the writing outside of dialogue it was always “Jack” even though it was technically Anna’s thoughts from a third person perspective so that felt a little odd.

The story follows the traditional arc of a high school loser who wants to date the popular guy while getting bullied by the popular girls then eventually gains confidence and doesn’t care about the popular girls or guy. But I was definitely pulled into the story and could even see, in some instances, why she was into Craig Shine. Freddy is definitely the better choice to make. Also, on a random note the names have an older feel to them: Doreen, Freddy, Craig. I associate these names with thirty or forty year olds.

Proof that I got attached to the characters is that I really want to know what happens to Freddy. What does he decide to do in the end? **spoiler** He didn’t get into his college, but does that mean he’s giving up on that dream or waiting a year or what?**end of spoiler**

All in all this was an entertaining read that kept me from fully relaxing on my work breaks which is saying a lot. Worth the time to read it and review it. Would recommend for anyone who likes YA, horror (especially of the demon variety), and a fast plot.

*Trigger warning for self-harm and a pedophilic scene.

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