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one out of five dragons

This post does not contain affiliate links because Amazon apparently doesn’t sell this book. I don’t blame them: if you want to read a religious book there are much better ones out there.

This will be a fairly short review.

I’m a bit annoyed with this book. Mainly because it cost $25 and all it did was retype a few short gospel sections of the bible. It left room for notetaking, but any notebook does that.

The one positive it had was the little portable cards with specific gospel scriptures that could be removed and kept with the reader for memorization and inspiration. I left those in the book, but I’m sure other people found value in them.

The format was clean and the pictures were soothing.

I personally would not have bought this book because if I choose to read the Bible then it’s quite easy to find a copy and a much cheaper one than this little book that contained less than 5,000 words.

Would recommend for people who want an expensive notebook with tiny Bible quotes.

An aside: the name always reminded me of the song This is Gospel by Panic! At the Disco.  As an atheist reading this particular book the first lines are particularly resonate:

This is gospel for the fallen ones

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