A Person with a Book…

I never leave the house without a book. If I’m honest I don’t usually leave my room without a book. However, those books are usually on my phone. While that doesn’t detract from the book itself I still think it detracts from the experience a little bit. My goal for this week is to finish all my ebooks and audiobooks except for one of each (for emergencies and driving). I see more and more people on their phones wherever they go and I’ll admit some part of me always judges them a little though of course they could be reading just as I am. This made me realize that I want to get back into the habit of carrying a book with me, a physical book, at all times. Partly because I enjoy it more, but also because maybe it will inspire someone to read again. And even if it doesn’t, a person with a book is always more mysterious and attractive than a person without one.

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