Reviver by Seth Patrick

Reviver is so clean and original. I read this as part of a master’s class that covered all genres (this was my pick for genre-bending).

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If the dead could speak what would they say? Being a Reviver, Jonah’s job is to temporarily revive murder victims with the hope that they will reveal who killed them. During a routine revival Jonah is contacted by something dark and inhuman that has him questioning the wisdom of speaking with the dead. Now Daniel Harker, the man who brought revivers to light, has been killed and when reviving him doesn’t give Jonah the answers he needs he embarks on an investigation into the very meaning of revival. This genre blending novel will appeal to fans of CSI and the supernatural as it draws on fantasy, mystery, and horror. The fantastical is mixed with a dose of horror and is interspersed with an investigation that has readers questioning everything. This is the first book in a trilogy and is suitable for adults and young adults may have an interest in it as well though it has some graphic content.

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