I think as a society we are so afraid of saying we are in a happy marriage for fear of bragging or making others feel bad that we intentionally act as though marriage is a burden.

I am exquisitely, ecstatically, impossibly blissfully married. Do we argue? Yes. But that is also a sign of a working marriage, because it means we are working out the best way to live and love together in an ever-changing life.

I think if happily married people were more honest about their happiness then maybe people in unhappy marriages would recognize that their marriage is not the norm and that it is okay to strive for something better. I believe that people in unhappy marriages shrug it off because “everyone feels this way.” In truth, forty to fifty percent of marriages will end in divorce, but guess what that means that fifty to sixty percent of marriages will continue. While all of those marriages that continue may not be happy many of them are. That is what we should focus on: the marriages that succeed. And I do mean succeed, not in length but in happiness.

So I would ask for those people who are happily married to think about sharing that with their family and friends. Mention it when you introduce the fact that you’re married. Usually if someone asks if I’m single or married I say something like “I’m blissfully married” because saying simply “I’m married” sounds like something I would put on a census or taxes not how I should describe the relationship that will last as long as I’m alive.

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