Speed Reading by Robert L. Zorn

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Speed Reading is quite dated (1980) and will most likely be weeded from the library, but I still enjoyed it and learned quite a bit.

Found this little number while going through checking the stacks for call number accuracy and couldn’t help but check it out.
Very useful. Even if you read quickly (which if I’m bragging I totally do) this is super helpful. It reminded me of all the little tricks I can use to read more quickly. The best part is that I can pick and choose which tips to focus on based on the reading I’m doing. Solid little book that I read (about half of because the rest was practice and I have more entertaining books to practice on) in like an hour. You can undoubtedly find this information online, but I’m a book woman.

Some quick tips from the book:

Don’t reread so much. You can train yourself out of this bad habit. When you backtrack you confuse yourself and lose comprehension.

Move your eyes as quickly as possible from the end of one line to the beginning of the next.

Train your eyes to take in more words at once. It is not necessary to read one word at a time. Newspapers are good practice for this. I would also add that reading on my phone is good practice for this 🙂

Challenge yourself. Read a page as quick as you can and quiz yourself on what it said. You’ll be surprised how much you remember.

Speed Reading is worth a speed read 🙂

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